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Being members of the community ourselves, Fordham NY Locksmith Store technicians are particularly proud to provide Fordham residents with the fullest array of locksmith services available anywhere.

Our service vans are on the road every day of the year in Bronx, ready to serve residents of the area wherever in Bronx you happen to be. We can handle everything from damaged lock repair to residential safe lockouts to smart lock installation, and more.  

Broken Locks  

Broken locks or jammed locks can be a tremendous source of frustration and inconvenience to a homeowner, and when this happens to you, your best option will be to call Fordham NY Locksmith Store locksmiths for the fastest resolution to your broken lock situation. Our patrolling vans are in the Fordham area at all times, and one of them is sure to be near you to resolve your broken lock problem quickly.  

Lost Keys  

A small problem like re-keying locks on doors can become a major issue if you don’t get fast resolution to the situation. Fordham NY Locksmith Store technicians are always ready to make new keys to replace your lost ones, usually within an hour of your call. Our Fordham NY Locksmith Store well-stocked mobile service vans always have a full supply of locks and keys to overcome these kinds of situations.  

Emergency Lock Changes  

When you have an emergency lock change issue, Fordham NY Locksmith Store technicians can respond very quickly to your call and install brand-new locks that will prevent access by former tenants or occupants of your building. If you should need multiple locks to be re-keyed, or something more advanced like the implementation of a master key system or a sub-master key system, that can also be handled quickly by our skilled technicians.


Fordham NY Locksmith Store, Bronx, NY 718-732-4150  

We at Fordham NY Locksmith Store are committed to fully protecting your residential properties through our round-the-clock on-demand locksmith services. Our tirelessly working staff members have earned a reputation in Fordham for having unparalleled expertise and providing the most outstanding customer service. When you have to deal with things like broken key extractions, replacing or repairing window locks, or new lock installation on doors, anywhere in Bronx, the company you need to call is Fordham NY Locksmith Store for the fastest locksmith service.  

In addition to those mentioned above, Fordham NY Locksmith Store provides other residential locksmith services such as: 

  •  House Lockout
  •  Apartment Lockout
  •  Bedroom Lockout
  •  Locks Change
  •  Locks Rel-keyed
  •  Master Key System
  •  New Lock Installation
  •  And Much More…